Establish your Property Portfolio

SMP provides a property investment service working with clients on an individual and tailored basis. As property investment consultants we offer the full service to our clients which involves securing investment grade opportunities, refurbishing and developing the property, letting the property and then continual management. 

Our process ensures that our clients get the best results for their investment and SMP operates by one simple rule; If we wouldn't invest in the property then we wouldn't expect you to. 

SMP are professionally registered consultants and property agents. We are registered with the property Ombudsman Group, insured with QBE, registered and qualified agents with Rent Smart Wales and also registered certificate holders with data protection laws UK. 

Who are

Roger Tiger Burrows

Roger is an Ex-Military Army Officer of 8 years. His background in Military Operational and Project Management leads onto numerous strengths in the property arena. Roger is a Tigrent Elite Advanced trained property investor with a track record and portfolio or properties in South and West Wales.  


John Stokoe

John has built a successful career in London as an IT Manager in the banking sector. He didn't let his success end there and over the past 15 years steadily built a property portfolio in London and North England. John is an Tigrent Elite Advanced trained investor. 

SMP run a simple and calculated model with its sourcing.

Using the 5 steps below ensures SMP deliver a winning product every time. 

1 - Determine Client Needs:

We offer a free consultation by way of either a face to face meeting, Skype or telephone call, to identify your property objectives, resources and timescales.  In this initial consultation we will discuss your specific strategy and really find out what it is you look for. Every investor is different and SMP make a conscious effort to find out what you want from your next investment.

2- Securing the Property:

We spend a lot of time on the ground viewing, negotiating with agents, vendors and companies to carefully select appropriate properties for our clients. When we have found a property we think will meet the client brief, we will send a detailed property report which outlines the opportunity, showing a cost breakdown and market comparables. The report always includes photographs and details about the area. SMP know that areas vary in returns from street to street and SMP work on our one principle; if we wont invest in it, we wouldn't expect you to. We ensure that you, as the investor, views the property for yoruself, and ensure that you complete your own due diligence to confrim our work. 

3 - Negotiate deals & Manage the process: 

We will negotiate the purchase price ensuring we get the best deal for our client. We will then manage the whole process liaising with agents or vendors, and put clients in touch with very efficient & reliable solicitors and brokers if needed to make sure the purchase runs as smoothly as possible. SMP Directors have worked hard over the last few years to form relationships with our power team and don't pass them out lightly, we always see a project through from beginning to end, if even to simply let the investor know we are there to help. 

4 - Manage Refurbishment:

We oversee any refurbishment work needed on each property for our clients. Director Roger Burrows is our project manager who overseas our team of trusted tradesmen who work on all our properties. Our estimated refurbishment costs are based on our previous projects and always have our contractor overlook and estimate the job. We aim to start a refurb at any property within five working days of completion and complete the repairs as quickly as possible so that the property is ready to let or re-sale. 

5 - Letting your Property:

SMP have built strong relationships with letting agents in our areas of sourcing. SMP is Rent Smart Wales registered and trusts our agents with our very own rental properties. SMP's dedicated solicitor has placed "tenant buyers" in properties and is very affair with creative contracts such as "assisted sales" and "lease options". When it comes to letting your property SMP can provide a guiding hand to finding quality tenants to look after the quality build of your new investment.