Has winter arrived in South Wales already? ☔️

I obviously shouldn’t have mentioned the weather in my previous blog – did Summer come and go?

I suppose we did need the rain and shouldn’t complain, BUT… 

Never mind the weather, business continues at an alarming rate. We constantly have properties in the pipeline, with clients lining up to snap up the deals we offer. Literally, no sooner are they posted on our facebook page and our web site, they are snapped up within minutes! - https://www.sourcemyproperty.com/

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When the boss is away!

I’m the first one to admit that I’m “old school” and don’t use technology to it’s full extent, and could probably use it a lot more to my benefit – as well as those who have to work with me. 

But, it is an invaluable tool , especially when the boss takes annual leave. We use a wonderful interactive tool to keep track of our finances, as well as each client’s individual project, which they can get access to as well. If you ever want to see a

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Property Sourcing News from SMP 🏡

When the boss decides to come to Wales to source properties himself, we know we have a problem!! A good one, I mean – we need more properties!!!

Things are going a little crazy down here, so we must be doing something right. I’m not saying that certain days aren’t without their hiccups, and that things inevitably go wrong with a build, or we find something sinister when we strip a property back, or a builder gets ill, etc, etc, but those are our problems!

We factor these things in when we do our due diligence, and run the numbers on a property. We always have at least 2, probably 3 “exit’ strategies, or ways to recoup your investment within 3 years, making a profit along the way of course!

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Source My Property Academy

Wow, wow….. pretty much sums up what for us as part of the Source My Property Academy team, was a fantastic weekend!

Our 2 day “workshop” pretty much covered all the basics as to how to source properties. By this, we mean, finding properties, as an investment, or for clients who want to get in on the property ladder, but don’t have time, or don’t live in the investment area.

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🏚 ➡️🏡 Source My Property Academy Workshop Weekend!

Exciting news! We are hosting our first weekend workshop with our own Academy on how to source property. As I write, we are sitting around a table in the breakfast room of the hotel in South Wales, where the workshop is taking place. Laptops open, presentations fine-tuned, phones ringing, staff setting up the room, but a great friendly atmosphere and sense of excitement at the same time. 

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Lease Option Investments Perfect for Serviced Accommodation!

With serviced accommodation rapidly growing in popularity across South Wales we are secured a few Lease Options on some beautiful country properties. Serviced accommodation is high on our own investment list with our beach side apartments being the highest yielding properties this year so far.

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🏚 ➡️🏡 Our feature on The Property Box!

This month SMP Directors Roger Burrows and John Stokoe were featured on the Property Box YouTube channel for their flip project in Newport South Wales. The project was run as a Joint Venture with their partner Monica!

Why not have a look at the episode which captures one of our early day projects and its HUGE success!

Joint venture projects is an option to get the ball rolling on your property journey whilst leveraging off others knowledge. Here at Source My Property we also have our own projects ongoing and we always welcome the opportunity to complete a joint venture. If a JV is something you would like to complete with us, then get in touch. Email john@sourcemyproperty.com to say hi and introduce yourself.

Happy investing!

Team SMP

Sophisticated Property Investing Strategies To Build Your Financial Future -  Vid 7 & 8

"Joining the Frank Partnership team has been the best decision I have made in property. Previously I've owned Buy To Let property and have purchased developed and flipped, but my first six months on The Frank Partnership and dwarfed my property successes to date! I have already raised my income by over £2,000 pcm, purchased a property £65,000 below it's RICS valuation, all whilst still working full time! Bring on the next 6 months!"- Paulene Chalmers, Partner.

Video 7 Tulse Hill – Assisted Sale / Full Market Value Investing

Video 8  Conclusion

 What’s next?

Frank runs regular one day seminars where he teaches these very powerful (and unique to Ethical Property Partners) strategies, where you can buy property way below market value and sell way above. You get a full 100 page + manual and you can ask any questions and get a direct answers from the sophisticated property deal master.

The next one is on the 4th of June

BOOK ONTO THIS LIFE CHANGING EVENT TODAY which was £597  but for SMP clients only £97! Full money back guarantee


Got questions or prefer to book by phone?

Call our team on 07816 486339

Email Support: frank@frankpartnership.co.uk


SMP Team

Sophisticated Property Investing Strategies To Build Your Financial Future -  Vid  5 & 6

Moving South in the UK Frank discusses some of his most impressive strategies

 Video 5 Northampton – Turning Discounts into Cashflow (TDIC) / Charities

Video 6 St Pancras – No Money Down Developing

How is Frank different to other property investment training/ mentoring companies?

 The first thing is that we are ethical (it’s in the name.)

In Franks words - I know that’s a big thing to state but we stand by it and you can speak to any of our partners, employees or contractors and have them tell you that.  We strive to stand for integrity and high standards in a marketplace that admittedly can sometimes fall far below acceptable standards.

One of the reasons we run ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ seminars is so that you can find out, risk free, what we teach and what we stand for. We never ask people to team with us unless they know that we’re right for them and we know they’re right for us.

We also don’t simply teach property skills. We teach the critical mindset skills which work alongside it and which are CRITICAL to success. (Without them it’s like having the keys to a high powered car with an empty tank.)

Watch out for the 3rd in this series in a few days


SMP Team

Sophisticated Property Investing Strategies To Build Your Financial Future - Vid 3 & 4

We continue the Frank Flegg video series with 2 of the 54 different strategies he utilises to source and monetise properties with both money down and no money. Whether you know precisely ZERO about property or whether you have an existing portfolio that isn’t performing as well as you’d like. Frank can help you to generate recurring revenue and financial freedom.

Video 3 Derby – Commercial to Residential / 12 bed HMO

Video 4 Leicester – Below Market Value / Off Market advertising

What kind of results are possible?

A small sample of the results that Franks partners have generated in the last few months…

●      One new partner did 3 no money down deals in their first 6 months netting an extra £2k per week

●      Another partner did £50k net profit on their first house flip within the first 2 months.

This is commonplace in his partner team. When you limit excuses and maximise learning and action you get results… fast!

Watch out for the 3rd in this series in a few days


SMP Team


Sophisticated Property Investing Strategies To Build Your Financial Future

We at Source My Property are passionate about all things property and have made great strides forward thanks to keeping abreast of the market and by working with the very best when it comes to educating ourselves. We believe in a win-win for all our transactions to be able to achieve this we often need to utilise sophisticated strategies to ‘make the deal work’

One of the most knowledgeable in the industry is Frank Flegg, who is all about one thing… changing people’s lives through property. On one side he runs a charity, Stepping Stones, where they house people in need and help them rebuild their lives. On the other side he runs Ethical Property Partners and teach sophisticated property investing skills that generate recurring passive income streams for his partners. He utilises over 54 different strategies to source and monetise properties with both money down and no money down

We asked Frank to put a video series together and explain a few of these strategies, so that we could share them with you to broaden your knowledge and be more effective as a property investor. We will be sending out a couple of videos every 2 days and would recommend having a listen to one of the countries masters in his field. Enjoy

Who is Frank Flegg? (in his own words)

 I started my career as a teacher (honing my ability to simplify and transfer information) before deciding to build a solid financial future for myself and my family and dedicating myself to mastering as many investment strategies as possible, eventually acquiring close to 60 properties and achieving my ultimate financial goal.

A few years ago I converted to Christianity and decided my life mission was to use my hard-won knowledge and skills to help others create their own property empires and fulfil their dreams.

 To date we have over 54 different strategies to source and monetise properties with both money down and no money down.

Whether you know precisely ZERO about property or whether you have an existing portfolio that isn’t performing as well as you’d like I know that I can help you to generate recurring revenue and financial freedom.

Watch out for the 2nd in this series in a few days


SMP Team

See our video tour of your latest investment opportunity!

Source My Property has this little investment grade deal available in Treorchy, South Wales. We have been investing here heavily in the last year and love the high yield off BTL properties. In order to bring this one to life we have done a property video so that you can get a sneak peak.

In order to find out more & reserve this investment just head to the website here!

Technology – some tips for your property business.

As I write this, I can’t quite believe what I’m saying. I’m most definitely of the “old school”, and still not entirely comfortable with technology in many areas.

 I still write out lists, send cards, prefer to read books in print, and keep manuals for appliances, mush to the disgust of my children!

But I do use email (who doesn’t?), have an iPhone (other smart phones are available) that I use to check Facebook, and am becoming slightly more proficient using various platforms on my desktop, although I still need to be “rescued” every now and then (as do some lost files!)

 I do love “Whatsapp” though. I find it such an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends, send messages and photos instantly and set up groups to arrange specific events or meetings.

 We, at SMP, use this medium a lot and set up a group for every new property project. This includes our client or property owner, the builder, SMP admin and our project manager.

In this way, our clients can receive weekly updates and photos as to how the build is progressing, and any queries can be sent instantly back and forth.

 Another piece of tech that we use on a regular (daily) basis is our CRM software for running our build sites and client projects. In fact, our entire property business sits on the platform Its called Airtable. Why not have a look at this FREE software. SMP Operations Officer Roger Burrows has even made a YouTube video (he’s much better at tech than me) on how to use it!

So I will do my best to continue to learn as I go along, and my family will continue to be patient with me. I suppose it’s not much different to when I was younger, but just that what we teach and learn is forever changing.

Enjoy the fact that Spring is on the way, and please contact us via our web site, or facebook page. If not me, then someone who is more comfortable with “social media” will reply!

JB - SMP Administrator

5 new investment opportunities with Source My Property

It’s clear that we are growing…..really fast. But we are growing with a team of quality property sourcing experts. Just have a look at our site at 5 new investments ready to be reserved by you.

Click through to our website!

Click through to our website!

Reminder, the fastest way to see our newest investment opportunities are on our FaceBook page! Make sure you “like” and get notified before anyone else!

An extra £1000 negotiated off the asking price!

We recently secured this investment property in Ferndale, but on receipt of the survey it highlighted some damp issues which we did not anticipate. Rather than walking away, we re-negotiated and managed to get a further £1000 reduction off the purchase price. This means that we will achieve over £10,000 on the flip and also, more importantly, it improves cash flow to £236 per month with all your money back out in 3 years and 4 months.

Click through to our investment opportunities.

Click through to our investment opportunities.

Make sure you look out for our latest secured investments as we have more to post this week. The best place to see our investments first is on our FaceBook page. Make sure you “LIKE” our page and you will be notified first.

Where has the time gone? Happy 2019 to you all! Is that still ok 😂?

We’ve hit the ground running, so to speak. I don’t think any of the team can even remember having a bit of a break, so it’s just as well that we all love this business so much! 

I can’t even keep count any more of the number of properties currently in various stages of refurbishment, but all I know is that we have a number of build teams, all headed by guys who pour their blood, sweat and tears into the property builds, and who we trust to get the best job done. We get calls daily from investors wanting to reserve properties with us and be at the top of the list for the next deal. The BEST place for you to see what we have in when its brand new, is our FaceBook page. Just click through and ‘like’ us.

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