The Power of Local Property Events

Property events are a time to recharge your enthusiasm for investing in your future. This is especially true for those small networking events in our selected areas: attend even one in your area and you begin to better understand your market and people behind the investment on a deeper level. This is part of the reason why it is so important to attend your local property meet up, besides the valuable training, information and inspiration you receive.

Last Thursday, us at SPP, attended the second ever South Wales Elite Legacy Family (SWELF) meet up and we were blown away by the attendance, support and most of all the level of action takers in the room. Upon leaving after a truly brilliant evening, we discussed the power of these events and why we should always be attending them.

Many top investors agree that attending events is absolutely necessary for their growth in property. My very own mentor, Marttand Patel, always encouraged us to get involved in the property meet ups. Gillian Owens, the founder of the SWELF meet up said “After an event, people have more inspiration, and they want to be a part of it, they gain accountability. Events help investors become solidly committed to their journey and it helps them in their path to success by giving them enthusiasm and knowledge."

So why are events so powerful? Here are some more reasons why you shouldn’t miss one again;

  1. You understand new legislation. When it comes to property investing new legislation and rules are always announced by the Government. The thing is, as a self-educated investor, do you really understand them or the implications they may have to your selected strategies? At events, there is always an investor who has dealt with it, or understands it and can far better explain and educate. I'm not an “Oxford Graduate” but at an event there normally is one or two. A simple conversation can change your understanding of a new legislation and instead of seeing it as a limitation you begin to see it as a strength.
  2. You have the opportunity to understand the heart of investments. Not only will you hear about how others are doing on their investments, but you will actually get to see, through the use of case studies, the positive and potential pitfalls of investments in your area. When you are surrounded by a room of active investors, you get to see the heart of it. You see the passion people have for their future. You learn from one another’s mistakes and from this, you see that someone has been there before and has the exact advice you need to make the next step a success.
  3. The social atmosphere. While training is always enticing to everyone, a property event is a celebration of accomplishments, both personal and team work. The social held during property meet up and mingling with other budding investors from all around the country adds to an already fun atmosphere. There is a real sense of support and encouragement.
  4. They can be a game-changer for your business. Property meetups can help you refocus on the important aspects of your business and your future path. It can also help spark support in spouses, business partners or potential investors, and help you create the drive to take your business to the next level.

Put simply, a property meet up is an amazing opportunity for personal growth, to create JV partnerships, friendships, and find renewed energy to run your investment business in the best way possible. So, where is your next event? Have you put that in the diary?

Well done to the SWELF team on a successful event. We look forward to meeting again soon. 

SPP Director Roger Tiger Burrows