When the boss is away!

I’m the first one to admit that I’m “old school” and don’t use technology to it’s full extent, and could probably use it a lot more to my benefit – as well as those who have to work with me. 

But, it is an invaluable tool , especially when the boss takes annual leave. We use a wonderful interactive tool to keep track of our finances, as well as each client’s individual project, which they can get access to as well. If you ever want to see a useful free CRM for your business have a look what we use here.

This way we can also show exactly where costs are going, and we assign each and every invoice or receipt for materials, contractors, and any other bills with regard to each property. To us this is important, as we pride ourselves on openness and transparency with our clients, in other words, no mark up on these costs.

Yes, we charge our fees, but these are agreed upon prior to any work starting on the property, and also shown on the working sheet.

So, while the boss may be sunning himself (not jealous!) on a well deserved break, he can log on once a day, when kids are tucked into bed, and check in on each project.

Here is an example of one of our projects being tracked.

Here is an example of one of our projects being tracked.

Whatsapp is an invaluable tool too, as we set up groups for each project, clients included, and our project managers keep us all updated with photos, or any questions that might require a quick “yes” or “no” response!

What it boils down to, is that it’s “business as usual” when any one of us is away for any reason. I know this may sound obvious, but not necessarily for us. We also pride ourselves on being  a company that values our clients, investors, contractors as people and individuals, without whom we wouldn’t have a business.

John and Roger are “people people”! They are always happy to meet with, or talk with you on the phone, as soon as time permits. Yes, our business is property, and we exist and strive to bring new life to tired, run down properties, for people to live in!

What I’m really trying to say is, that when the boss is away, our client’s shouldn’t even be aware of it, and work carries on as normal, but I also hope they are, as that means that the personal touch is missed, if only for a few days!