Enjoy the Process

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I like things to be in order, to work in order, and preferably have a “start” and “finish” point!

But life doesn’t always work like that, does it? Sure, we’ll have projects along the way that will follow that pattern, but then there’s always the next one, or the project may need revisiting, or updating.

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“No ghosts on our closets”

Well, Halloween may be just around the corner, but there are no ghosts hiding in our next property project!!

A large crack on the outside of a property we’re looking to purchase raised a question as to the “soundness” of the basic structure. We called in engineers, and are delighted to report that all appears sound. This crack developed a long time ago, and the property has been given the “all clear”!

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New deal in Neath qualifies for council loan for refurbishments

Source My Property has secured a brand new deal in Neath town. This is a lovely 3 bedroom propery which is crying out for an investor to return it to the rented sector. With rent in the area going up, and house availability going down, this property fits perfectly into the gap. 

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3 deals available in South Wales ready for sourcing!

It has been a busy few weeks for us here in South Wales. With our direct to vendor campaigns leading the way, and having us jump from meeting to meeting, we have now secured some brand new direct to vendor deals. 

Below are 3 new deals available in Neath, Bridgend and Gowerton; Just click on an image to go to the property page to find out more. 

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How close can you get to "Money in, Money Out"?

Available for you to invest! Our latest deal in Neath!

Vey often our clients ask for their next deal to be a MIMO (Money in Money Out). This means they are seeking an opportunity where they can retain a property as a rental, and withdraw all their investments on the refinance. That sounds brilliant, doesn't it? Now, these deals do exist and every so often we get pretty close to making it happen. Below are the details for an "almost" MIMO deal right here in Neath, South Wales. 

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