Sophisticated Property Investing Strategies To Build Your Financial Future -  Vid  5 & 6

Moving South in the UK Frank discusses some of his most impressive strategies

 Video 5 Northampton – Turning Discounts into Cashflow (TDIC) / Charities

Video 6 St Pancras – No Money Down Developing

How is Frank different to other property investment training/ mentoring companies?

 The first thing is that we are ethical (it’s in the name.)

In Franks words - I know that’s a big thing to state but we stand by it and you can speak to any of our partners, employees or contractors and have them tell you that.  We strive to stand for integrity and high standards in a marketplace that admittedly can sometimes fall far below acceptable standards.

One of the reasons we run ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ seminars is so that you can find out, risk free, what we teach and what we stand for. We never ask people to team with us unless they know that we’re right for them and we know they’re right for us.

We also don’t simply teach property skills. We teach the critical mindset skills which work alongside it and which are CRITICAL to success. (Without them it’s like having the keys to a high powered car with an empty tank.)

Watch out for the 3rd in this series in a few days


SMP Team