An extra £1000 negotiated off the asking price!

We recently secured this investment property in Ferndale, but on receipt of the survey it highlighted some damp issues which we did not anticipate. Rather than walking away, we re-negotiated and managed to get a further £1000 reduction off the purchase price. This means that we will achieve over £10,000 on the flip and also, more importantly, it improves cash flow to £236 per month with all your money back out in 3 years and 4 months.

Click through to our investment opportunities.

Click through to our investment opportunities.

Make sure you look out for our latest secured investments as we have more to post this week. The best place to see our investments first is on our FaceBook page. Make sure you “LIKE” our page and you will be notified first.

Welsh Valleys Flip and a London Apartment Conversion for sourcing.

The team here at Source My Property have a great couple of opportunities just in. We have a great flip available in Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Valleys in South Wales. This has been an investment area we have been looking for good opportunities for some time. The project offers a lovely £18k potential profit!

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🏚 New Property Investments Available 🏡

Dear fellow property investors. The team at Source My Property are delighted to showcase our latest investment opportunities which are available for onward sourcing. Our team of agents have been out on the ground viewing, negotiating and securing quality property investments. On our available list right now we have Buy To Lets which leave no money in, a few flip opportunities, luxury serviced accommodation and even rare Lease Options.

If you are new to Source My Property just click through to the website to have a look around or you can even view our explainer video. We are delighted to have you and would like to hear from you too.

🏚 6 new properties opportunities ready for investors

Source My Property have been extremely busy securing excellent investments for our clients and these 6 properties are no different!

  • A brand new bungalow in Skewen is ready for a great £20k profit.

  • 2 Lease Option investments are ready to be snapped up for cash flow and long term profit.

  • A beautiful opportunity in Ebb Vale for a flip or BTL

  • Also a lovely Swansea cottage forecasts a safe £15k profit

  • and last but not least, a fantastic 2 exit strategy property in Tonypandy!

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2 new property investment opportunities in South Wales!

The demand for properties from our investors is huge. Is it a buyers market or are there less properties to buy at the investment grade? We think it is because are investments make sense. We have tried our absolute hardest to deliver the full investment consultancy and showcase properties which are secured and ready for purchase where the numbers just make sense. 

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It is a property buyers market!

It has been a very busy summer for us here at Source My Property and we have never had so many projects live at any time before. As we grow as a company our build teams are getting bigger, better and more efficient. Our sourcing team are cranking out some incredible numbers and our admin staff are following build merchant accounts like their life depends on it! The best part is we love it!

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Whats in South Wales Property Investing?

What else would you want to be doing at 8.30am on a wet and windy Sunday morning, rather than sitting in your car outside a property, waiting for Wales & West engineers?

I can think of a number of things, but this just goes to show that at SMP we go the extra mile for our clients. In fairness, I didn’t have to wait long, and W & W arrived fairly promptly, and were friendly, professional, and didn’t need me to hang around.

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Brand new investment opportunities

Dear investor family and friends. It is a very busy time of year and Source My Property has been scouring the Welsh country in search if quality investment grade property purchases. We have a number of brand new deals on our portal to be reserved by investors. 

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Moving On

It seems ages since I put pen to paper (so to speak!).

I experienced an odd feeling the other day. I handed the keys to a property we have just finished the refurb on, to the agent, to have it put on the market. Nothing unusual about this, but it was one of the properties we’ve been managing on behalf of a client, that I’d been involved in from the start. I have to say, I felt a bit like a Mom (which I am), saying goodbye and good luck to a child going out into the world!! I was the last person in, having cleaned up after all the craftsmen had left, all “snags” checked, paintwork touched up, etc.

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Ready for Sourcing: Cash Flow £240 in Ferndale, South Wales.

Source My Property has secured a really great opportunity in Ferndale, Rhondda Cynon Taf. We have specifically targeted this area for the demand for rentals and the great ability to extract your investment out the back end.

We have also secured quotations with our build teams, for a real quality refurbishment which will bring the property up in value to meet some solid market comparable in the area. Below are some figures in brief. 

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Relieve the stress

We all have them! Those days (or weeks) when things just don’t go well or get on top of you. So, how do you relieve the stress, or get over the irritation?

I like to go for a walk, preferably where there are many trees, or a river, where I can hear the birds sing, or the water running over stones, and maybe even catch a squirrel searching for nuts. They’re very active where I live now, eating and storing up for the Winter. Who can resist a smile when one of these little fellas stops to sit on a branch and look at you while chewing on an acorn?

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“No ghosts on our closets”

Well, Halloween may be just around the corner, but there are no ghosts hiding in our next property project!!

A large crack on the outside of a property we’re looking to purchase raised a question as to the “soundness” of the basic structure. We called in engineers, and are delighted to report that all appears sound. This crack developed a long time ago, and the property has been given the “all clear”!

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Happy Weekdays for SMP Projects

When you wake in a good mood on a weekday morning, it can only mean one of two things surely. Either your weekends are awful (they’re not), or the week holds exciting things in store!!

I do find myself in this state of mind lately, and I can only attribute it to being part of a team who work together to deliver exciting projects to satisfied customers! Our “team” is like a large (and growing) family. It helps that my son is the driving force behind the team, but a breakfast meeting / get together highlighted that. Besides the beans on toast and the banter, matters of paint, carpets, boilers, walls coming down, were discussed, and we all left with tasks to complete and smiles on our faces.

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