🏚 ➡️🏡 Source My Property Academy Workshop Weekend!

Exciting news! We are hosting our first weekend workshop with our own Academy on how to source property. As I write, we are sitting around a table in the breakfast room of the hotel in South Wales, where the workshop is taking place. Laptops open, presentations fine-tuned, phones ringing, staff setting up the room, but a great friendly atmosphere and sense of excitement at the same time. 

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Where has the time gone? Happy 2019 to you all! Is that still ok 😂?

We’ve hit the ground running, so to speak. I don’t think any of the team can even remember having a bit of a break, so it’s just as well that we all love this business so much! 

I can’t even keep count any more of the number of properties currently in various stages of refurbishment, but all I know is that we have a number of build teams, all headed by guys who pour their blood, sweat and tears into the property builds, and who we trust to get the best job done. We get calls daily from investors wanting to reserve properties with us and be at the top of the list for the next deal. The BEST place for you to see what we have in when its brand new, is our FaceBook page. Just click through and ‘like’ us.

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