🏚 New Property Investments Available 🏡

Dear fellow property investors. The team at Source My Property are delighted to showcase our latest investment opportunities which are available for onward sourcing. Our team of agents have been out on the ground viewing, negotiating and securing quality property investments. On our available list right now we have Buy To Lets which leave no money in, a few flip opportunities, luxury serviced accommodation and even rare Lease Options.

If you are new to Source My Property just click through to the website to have a look around or you can even view our explainer video. We are delighted to have you and would like to hear from you too.

New deal in Neath qualifies for council loan for refurbishments

Source My Property has secured a brand new deal in Neath town. This is a lovely 3 bedroom propery which is crying out for an investor to return it to the rented sector. With rent in the area going up, and house availability going down, this property fits perfectly into the gap. 

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Lease Option Deal Available

Gower Peninsula Option to Purchase

It is not often we come across opportunities like this. We had a call from a seller in the Gower Peninsula, Swansea, who has been struggling to sell his beautiful, huge, house. The market has been ‘just off’ for the sale in the area at the moment so we opened discussions to a potential “option to purchase” agreement. Here are some figures;

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A cracking deal available for you in Swansea

Flip for a quick £12,000 or retain for the strong Swansea rentals cash flow £246

It has been evident that our clients have been searching for deals closer to Swansea itself. So bearing that in mind, us here at Source My Property set out to secure some solid deals doing just that. 

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Flip a bungalow in Swansea for £15k profit

Lately, as many of you know, John and I (Roger) have been doing a lot of direct to vendor marketing. We have sent out hundreds of letters and the response back has been crazy. We are in the negotiation stages of many options, flips and great assisted sale deals. 

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Out with SPP and hello to SourceMyProperty.com

The time has come for us to launch our re-brand. We are no longer Springbok Property Partners. We are now SourceMyProperty.com. However, we are the same guys working the same, awesome, South Wales property market on behalf of our friends, clients and investors.......you! 

Over the next few days SPP will fade into the background and make a smooth transition for SourceMyProperty. Our contact details, emails and website will all link or be forwarded to our new details, so don't worry, we will still pick up your correspondence. 

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3 deals available in South Wales ready for sourcing!

It has been a busy few weeks for us here in South Wales. With our direct to vendor campaigns leading the way, and having us jump from meeting to meeting, we have now secured some brand new direct to vendor deals. 

Below are 3 new deals available in Neath, Bridgend and Gowerton; Just click on an image to go to the property page to find out more. 

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